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I invite you to submit your musical project to me. I will give you my point of view on the work we can accomplish together. 

Since I'm a composer, I can help with arrangements, and other orchestrations works.

If you want, I can provide only studio missions.

I'd be happy to see with you, just send me a email.

Lotus Open Factory is an IDM, Electronica, Glitch, Noise/Drone and alternative music label and a research institute dedicated to the development of sound production solutions

This is of the order of the realization which requires specific musical and scientific knowledge, with a a real artistic exchange this is my specificity, this new job is called : Computer Music Designer



I can also do sound-processing, 3D Audio post-production or other complex sound processing, I use lRCAM technologies: Max, OpenMusic, their dedicated libraries :   ( Spat, Panoramix, SuperVP, etc.. ) and AudioSculpt, among others

I take this opportunity to share with you my development work in terms of 3D Audio, Artificial Orchestration, among others, my Ircam Personal page, made up of free tools at your disposal. I invite you to join the Ircam Forum, it's free of charge.

We can do so much with a patch…

So, mainly, I use Ableton Live 11, in order to use the Max for Live environment but I, easily, use to communicate with other DAWs



I also propose you some support.

Forget everything you know about studios because my consulting services make me not just a producer linked to his own material, but a polymorphic musician and technician.

Each music is particular, with its own codes that must sometimes be respected and other times emancipated from it. 


Different formulas are possible and I study all proposals