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If ideas were fishes, the duo Bodylake began as a way, for one of it's members, to try producing fishes, and for the other, to catch them with a net (designed to let go fishes that were too smal)l. So, essentially, it was an experimentaion with fishes, that has also been completed with a laptop whose CPU sank under water, true story.

Bodylake is a duo, in the IDM/Braindance register, composed of Franck Ruzé and Jérôme Lesueur.
They started making music together at the age of 14, and have been developing specific working methods for more than 30 years. Bodylake's songs are a kind of fish that Franck gives birth to in his musical aquarium, to be caught and raised by Jérôme.

Franck Ruzé is also an author and composer in the synthpop and indie folk genres. His project Palavas is distributed by the label Wormhole World.

Jerome Lesueur is a composer of contemporary classical music, musicologist, and computer music designer. He has been working with Max MSP for over 15 years.

Everything you need to make curious and punchy IDM.

The first EP, Construct, is very raw and very arranged at the same time, with the will to communicate an energy in the spirit of Autechre.

The second eponymous EP is more restrained, but also more mature, with an exploitation of sound events that makes it more contemporary, while keeping the sound design that is the calling card of Bodylake.

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