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Cubico is the project of technology enthusiast Simone Sorio from Verona, Italy. Long time music worshipper he started at a young age to fiddle with electronic devices: his first musical attempts were on an Amiga 500 back in the pre-internet era. In nearly total isolation and relying on self teaching all of his techniques Simone ammassed during the years a vast catalogue of material going from peaceful abstract experimentations to noisy and beat heavy distorted mess. 

His objective is pretty basic: he loves sound, especially the synthesized kind, so he writes music as a way to tweak and hear as many interesting sounds as possible!

Cardinal to his production is being concise and straight to the point with the finished tracks: his aim is to have as much fun to produce the tracks as to listen to them later. 

After sparsely releasing on his website and on his soundcloud profile glipses of his production in the last 10+ years he had the opportunity, thanks to LOF Crew, to select and polish a bunch of recent tracks produced during the post-pandemic period. Carefully mastered by Jerome Lesueur and creatively supervised by LOF Crew roba mista is a collection of nine diverse pieces, the perfect entry point in his personal style of electronic music that is catchy as it is richly layered.


There is much more to be discovered in the past and in the future of cubico's music.

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